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Menu & Wines

High-End Cuisine without Hocus-Pocus


Black Forest Cuisine

Char | Buttermilk-Dashi | Lovage

Danube Salmon | Chanterelles | Elderflower

Sweetbread | Kaffir-Lime | Mushroom

Chicken | Potato | Kohlrabi | Mustard Seed

Cheese from Maître Affineur Antony

Pré Dessert

Strawberry | Wood Sorrel | Vanilla

Four course menu 99,-  |  Six course menu 129,-

Around the world

Rabbit | Green Sauce | Truffle

Crab | Romana Salad | Mustard

Lobster | Magnolia | Green Apple | Celery

Ray | Olive Oil | Spinach | Black Garlic

Lamb | Grilled Bell Pepper | Savory | Couscous

Cheese from Maître Affineur Antony

Pré Dessert

Pecans | Mango | Tamarind

Seven course menu 153,-

Black Forest Cuisine
Around the world

Pike I  Carrot  I  Lovage  I  Impérial caviar

Pork neck I Red cabbage I Serviette dumpling

Mandarin I Shiso sorbet I Yuzu

Beetroot I Horseradish

Loup de Mer I Chorizo ​​I Beans

Goose Liver I Eel I Broccoli I Bacon

The Wine Accompaniment

Our well-stocked wine cellar has an excellent selection of regional and international varieties, great plants and interesting discoveries for you: restaurant manager and sommelier Marco Gerlach will be happy to give you his recommendations. He addresses each guest’s individual wishes and preferences and always knows how to offer suitable wine recommendations for the kitchen of Peter Hagen-Wiest.