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Menu & Wines

High-End Cuisine without Hocus-Pocus


Black Forest Cuisine

Rabbit  |  Truffle  |  Carrot  |  Olive

Egg yolk | Spinach |  Nutbutter-Miso-Foam

Pikeperch  |  Chanterelle  |  Pointed Cabbage | Caraway

Saddle of Ox  |  Green Asparagus  |  Sherry-Onion-Jus

Cheese from Maître Affineur Antony

Pré Dessert

Rhubarb  | Strawberry  | Chickweed

Four course menu 95,-  |  Six course menu 125,-

Around the world

Goose liver  |  Pear-Passionfruit  |  Pata Negra

Carabiniero  |  Buttermilk  |  Potato  |  Leek

Turbot   |  Artichoke  |  Tomato | Eggplant

Quail  |  Peas  |  Camberti Ham | Elderflower-vinaigrette

Lamb  |  Chickpea  |  Eggplant  |  Kefir

Cheese from Maître Affineur Antony

Pré Dessert

Dulcey-Chocolate  | Milk Ice Ceam |  Honey

Seven course menu 148,-

Black Forest Cuisine
Around the world

The Wine Accompaniment

Our well-stocked wine cellar has an excellent selection of regional and international varieties, great plants and interesting discoveries for you: restaurant manager and sommelier Marco Gerlach will be happy to give you his recommendations.