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Menu & Wines

High-End Cuisine without Hocus-Pocus


Around the World

Rabbit | Chorizo | Beans

Lobster | Rice | Kaffir Lime

Cod | Daikon Radish | Wasabi

Pike | Eel | Asparagus

Japanese Wagyu | Palm Heart | Wild Broccoli

Cheese from Maître Affineur Antony

Pré Dessert

Rum Raisins | Vanilla | Pineapple | Manjari Chocolate

Seven Course Menu 189,-

Green Forest

Black Salsify | Hazelnut | Winter Truffle

Royale | Koji | Leek

Oat | Pointed Cabbage | Parsley

Pumpkin | Vadouvan | Potato

Brussel Sprouts | Pear | Red Cabbage Beurre Blanc | Chestnut

Cheese from Maître Affineur Antony

Pré Dessert

Rhubarb | Malt | Sorrel

Seven Course Menu 189,-

Around the World
Green Forest

Dublin Bay Prawn | Morel | Peas

Asparagus Salad | Tomato | Radish | Avocado

Banana | Pandan | Vanilla

Onion | Egg Yolk | Risotto of Freekeh | Smoked Tofu

The Wine Accompaniment

Our well-stocked wine cellar has an excellent selection of regional and international varieties, great plants and interesting discoveries for you: restaurant manager and sommelier Marco Gerlach will be happy to give you his recommendations. He addresses each guest’s individual wishes and preferences and always knows how to offer suitable wine recommendations for the kitchen of Peter Hagen-Wiest.