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Kitchen & Team

Focused on the Taste


Original and Grounded

A meal should be a real experience, a pleasurable journey of discovery, which opens up to the guest of its own accord.

The focus is always on the essence, the taste, the character of the original product and a balance on the palate. The principle ‘less is more’ is applied, to ensure nothing is lost to gimmicks. For this reason, regional ingredients are used, most prominently from the Black Forest and Kaiserstuhl. The Black Forest Cuisine has established itself among the repertoire as a culinary homage.

Consistency as the Highest Maxim

This means that each individual understands their post and role in the overall structure and in mastering their craft. It is tempting to imagine that there are only creative artists working in the gourmet kitchen – the fact is, without a solid foundation, it does not work at that level. “You must first master the basics, so that this can be built upon, it requires a strong eye for detail,” says Peter Hagen-Wiest. “There are so many good restaurants in this area, the illusion is not enough, it does not hold up to scrutiny.”

Recipe for Success: Teamwork

At the opening in 2012, Peter Hagen-Wiest brought with him his Chief Pastry Chef David Mahn. The two have worked in kitchens together previously and are the perfect complement to each other.

David Mahn does not care only about the sweet, he is a trained cook and pâtissier. A combination that benefits the whole team, as it merges the best of all worlds, as evidenced by its numerous awards (‘Crue-de-Cao-Award 2014’, ‘Pâtissier of the Year 2015’ and ‘Pâtissier of the Year 2018’).

Attention at eye level

The third part of the trio of the first hour is restaurant manager and sommelier Marco Gerlach. He moves among the pathways as a keen observer. His maxim: Attention at eye level. It is important to recognise needs and sensitively gauge the degree of attention a guest wants or needs.

The Team

Many creative chefs are working alongside Peter Hagen-Wiest and David Mahn in the gourmet kitchen.


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